Four seasons down duvet

Twentse Damast, with its high standing in the Twenthe textile tradition, is a beloved brand in the industrial sector for its line of industrial textile products. We now present our TD1813 collection, a line of textile products that enhance your kitchen, bath and sleep experience. One of our bedroom textile items is the four seasons down duvet, available in many sizes.

A four seasons down duvet in the size you are looking for.

Our four seasons down duvet from the TD1813 line has a 90% goose down filling, which is kept in place by the baffle box construction. Our four seasons down duvet is nice and light in summer and wonderfully warm in winter. When it is extra cold, you can combine both layers of the four seasons down duvet. These four seasons duvets are relatively light, which makes it easy for you to find your ideal sleeping position. In spite of its low weight, the duvet feels sufficiently warm under all circumstances, and lightly enough in summer. On top of that, it is also good to know that each 4 seasons down duvet bears the Nomite anti-house mite label.

Our four seasons down duvet is available in many sizes, for single and standard double beds, as well as extra-large bed sizes. Under a four seasons down duvet you will optimally enjoy your night’s rest.

We also have standard down duvets

Perhaps you are looking for a more basic duvet instead of a four seasons down duvet? In that case, the TD1813 collection also includes standard down duvets. However, the four seasons duvet offers more possibilities for different types of weather.

Have a look at the rest of the TD1813 collection and discover our towels in various sizes, tea towels with beautiful motifs, lovely and luxurious bathrobes and much more. The bedroom collection is certainly not limited to the four seasons down duvet. There are pillows (also in down), fitted sheets and duvet cover sets with attractive motifs too. With TD1813 you can enrich your sleeping and home living experience.