Information about duvets

There are different sorts of duvets. A good duvet is important for a good night’s sleep. Which type of duvet is best for you depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

1. Types of filling and how they feel.
At Twentse Damast you can choose from synthetic duvets or down duvets. Both types have their own specific properties. The type suitable for you depends on your personal preferences.

A down duvet has the perfect properties for a good night’s sleep. The down makes this type very light and supple. The duvet drapes perfectly over the body, limiting the risk of cold draughts in winter. Synthetic duvets are filled with synthetic fibres that give a soft and light character to this type of duvet. These are a little heavier than down duvets, creating another kind of comfort experience.

2. Care and life span.
A synthetic duvet is a practical solution if you would like to regularly wash your duvet yourself. You can wash these duvets in the washing machine yourself and they dry quickly.

Down duvets must be regularly shaken and aired, preferably not in direct sunlight. It is possible to wash them, but they must be thoroughly dried in a tumble dryer, for example. To avoid risks, it is wiser to have a down duvet cleaned professionally.

Do not use a plastic bag when you want to store a duvet. As plastic is impermeable to air and moisture, there is a chance that the duvet will become mouldy. The carrier bag we supply with the duvet is a good storage solution for it.

3. Allergies
You do not have to immediately rule out having a down duvet if you have allergies. Usually it is the dust and dirt that collects in the duvet that causes the allergic reaction and not the down filling. Still, a synthetic duvet is a better choice and this can easily be washed at home.