Information about pillows

Pillows come in different types. A good pillow is important for waking up feeling well rested in the morning. The properties of the best pillow differ from person to person. A suitable pillow is vitally important for a good lying posture.

1. Types of filling and how they feel
At Twentse Damast you can choose between down pillows and synthetic pillows. Which type is most suitable for you depends on your personal preferences.

Synthetic pillows are light and feel soft. They have good resilience, by which they quickly regain their original shape. Synthetic pillows feel a little stiffer than down pillows.

Down pillows have a filling that is exceptionally suitable for pillows. They give good support for neck and back. The down also makes the pillow feel nice and soft. You head also sinks a bit into the pillow, which will make it feel nice and warm.

2. Care and life span
Synthetic pillows need no care. They must be washed regularly, because humans perspire more via the head.

A down pillow must be shaken regularly, because the filling gets compressed. It must also be aired regularly. A down pillow can be washed, but it is better to avoid taking risks and have it washed professionally. Let washed pillows dry thoroughly. A damp pillow can develop an unpleasant odour that does not fade away so easily.

You should replace your pillow every 3 to 6 years. The pillow’s ventilation and resilience decrease over time. The moisture regulation functions gradually disappear. Pillows absorb great amounts of body fluid, skin flakes and dust, so for hygienic reasons it is therefore wise to replace pillows on time.

3. Allergies
A synthetic pillow is a wise choice for people with an allergy. You can easily wash these synthetic pillows yourself, so that you are not bothered by the dust and dirt they accumulate.

4. Sleeping position

A good sleeping position is important for a good night’s rest. The pillow is a key element here. Your pillow must ensure that your spine lies in a straight line. The type suitable for you thus also depends on your sleeping position. A higher, more solid pillow is recommended for those sleeping on their side. The pillow should fill up the space between the mattress, your head and your shoulders. We recommend both the down- and the synthetic pillow.

You should choose for a somewhat thinner pillow if you sleep on your back. Your head does not have to be much higher than the mattress to get your spine in a straight line. We recommend the down pillow.

People who sleep on their stomach should choose for a soft and flat pillow. Actually, sleeping on your stomach is not advised. By sleeping on your stomach your head is constantly turned, which puts pressure on your neck. It is better to try correcting this sleeping position by using a Memory foam pillow.